An Introduction To The Inspired Legacy

Hello, men! As we work to get The Inspired Legacy off the ground, I wanted to first introduce myself. My name is Mark Henderson, founder of The Inspired Legacy, husband of nearly twenty-two years and father to three amazing kids—two daughters and one son. 

How It All Started

The idea of developing this platform first came to me in 2012 when I was experiencing some transitions in life that forced me to gain perspective and reevaluate my path at the time. It was during this period that God began to whisper in my ear. Over and over I felt a calling that I had a story to share and that it would help other men and fathers in the world. I found every excuse to ignore that whisper, primarily because of the sacrifices I knew it would require doing what God was prompting me to do. 

During the past couple of years, I found myself constantly thinking about this “thing” God wanted me to do. Surprisingly, it was impacting my daily focus in a negative way. I wasn’t present because I was constantly thinking about this new idea yet torn apart because I hadn’t taken action. The whisper was growing into a scream and I could no longer ignore it. I started putting pen to paper, prayed a lot, and began to flesh out what I felt God had planned for me. 

What Is The Inspired Legacy?

Fast forward six months and The Inspired Legacy is finally alive. My experiences as a dad and a Christian, and how those two co-exist, along with a ton of wisdom gained from reading, listening, and collaborating with other men who are far wiser than I have led to the development of a rock solid platform. The Inspired Legacy exists to shine a light on God’s gift of parenthood and inspire and equip fathers to love unconditionally, lead boldly, and live a life with no regrets. But those are big ideas that we’ll explore together in detail during the coming months.

In its most basic form, The Inspired Legacy can be visualized in a triangular three-tiered structure called the Inspyramid™. Each layer builds upon the other, establishing a natural cycle of momentum which in turn fuels our spiritual, relational, personal and professional growth. Each tier is composed of many subsets, which we’ll dive into in great depth throughout this blog and upcoming podcast, so be sure to stay tuned for that!

Leveraging the power of the Inspyramid™ requires Inspired Focus™—the intersection of our time, attention, and energy. How we spend our limited time, who and what gets our undivided attention, and how much energy we invest in these things determines whether we excel at life or simply go through the motions of each day.

Will You Act?

I know that as a father, the last thing I want is to look back and regret anything that I may or may not have said or done. I want to make the most out of the time I have with my family, instill a foundation for their success, and leave this earth knowing that I’ve lived a life with no regrets. This will be my legacy. Will it be yours?

If this sparks anything inside of you, then please join me on this journey!