3 Books Dads Should Read in 2018

It’s a new year and many of you have no doubt made some kind of health-related goal to improve your physical fitness. If there’s a willingness to invest in our physical selves, why not mentally as well? To quote the old saying, reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. So with that in mind, are you a reader? Personally, I recognize the value and I’m still working on forming the habit.

So in the spirit of inspiring myself and others to read more, I thought I’d share three books that have been very impactful to me in recent years. If you agree that reading should be part of your daily or weekly regimen, I highly recommend you check out the books below. (I’m not getting paid to promote these)


This is one of the more recent books by author and pastor, Mark Batterson. I’m a real fan of all his work and enjoy his writing style. Play The Man is a great read for any guy, but especially fathers. It touches on the fact that our culture has lost its definition of manhood, leaving men and young men confused about their roles, responsibilities, relationships, and the reason God made them men. This book is a call to action for men looking to understand what it means to be a man of God by unveiling seven virtues of manhood. He shares personal stories, coupled with practical ideas on how to bring up the next generation of men—speaking to the heart of all fathers. It’s an inspiring read.


This book is by author and pastor, Timothy Keller. It breaks down one of Jesus’ most well-known parables, that of the lost son, and uses it to reveal an unexpected message of hope and salvation. Keller’s examination of this parable sheds new light on the story but also paints a beautiful picture of how we, as early fathers to our own sons, should love them unconditionally. It’s something every dad should 

If you’re not familiar with Keller's work, it’s worth noting that his style is very intellectual. I don’t say that to brag, in fact, there were portions of this book I had to read a couple of times to let it sink it. It’s simply a heads up that it’s not necessarily a casual read.

This book isn’t specifically targeted to men or dads, but it is a powerful message that will revive your spirit and show you how to be fueled like never before. That’s a message any man or dad can use! In this book, author and pastor, Chris Hodges, explains how to experience a freshness in your life and relationship with God that you may not have realized was possible. Instead of a list of how-to’s or quick fixes, it takes readers inward. We’re lead on a spiritual journey of transformation from the inside out. It’s an incredibly easy read full of personal experiences from the author, as well as humorous anecdotes which make it very engaging.

If your goal is to read more this year and if you’re still looking for options, I’ve read each of these books and highly recommend them. I have a list of books I hope to get through in 2018 and will plan to publish a list of recommendations for 2019, too. If you’ve read any books that are worthwhile for dads, please share them in the comments below. Happy reading!