Out of the Darkness & Into the Light with Joshua Sopko

Joshua Sopko

Joshua Sopko

In this inaugural episode, I sit down with a friend of mine, Joshua Sopko. I initially got to know Josh while we were in a Bible study together. 

During one of our sessions, Josh shared that he had lost his father at a pretty young age. The ripple effects of this loss impacted the course of Josh’s life for years, including a failed marriage and his faith in God. The details of his story had an impact on me the first time I heard it and I always knew that if he was willing to share, it was a story other men should hear as well. 

Josh frequently writes about the sort of topics we covered today, as well as many more, and his work can be found at https://medium.com/@joshuasopko

He’s also heavily invested in his wife’s business, Juniper Bath & Body. Be sure to take care of all your bath and body needs at https://www.juniperbath.com/

Thanks for listening and be sure to check out all of the subsequent episodes available. New episodes will be released bi-weekly, with the next one scheduled for Sunday, March 10th.

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