An Exciting Announcement

When The Inspired Legacy first started, it was nothing more than a nudge from God to take a step forward, learn to be vulnerable, and share my story of fatherhood with the world. I’ve always been a perfectionist, so my biggest struggle was overcoming an innate desire to have the very best website, award-worthy content, and a comprehensive marketing strategy before taking this initiative public. However, I knew that if I did that, I’d continue to find excuses as to why it wasn’t ready (that's what delayed me for years). As a countermeasure, I made a conscious decision to simply focus on a minimal viable product. As a result, the website isn’t flashy and the content may contain typos or grammatical errors, but at least it’s out there. At least I started and it’s starting to make an impact.

Since launching in the summer of 2017, The Inspired Legacy has captured more attention in its nearly eight months of existence than I ever thought it would. I’ve been connected to very wise people from across the country. Interesting doors have opened that I never anticipated, and now I really have no idea where God is going to take this thing and that's okay with me.


Our latest development is something I’m very excited to share. Starting on January 24th, 2018, The Inspired Legacy is partnering with Short Daily Devotions, a Christian devotional website. They reach 30,000+ people in 80+ countries, with over 420,000 devotions sent through email subscriptions and social media each month. This partnership will not only expand the reach of The Inspired Legacy brand and mission but together, we’ll be reaching more people for Christ than we could possibly have imagined.

Our first devotional is accessible online and subsequent messages will be blasted out each Wednesday morning. Please, if you would, visit the Short Daily Devotions website, subscribe, and share with a friend. The power of sharing (online) is powerful and we hope to continue to grow the numbers reached each week.

We're just getting started!