Find Purpose & Hope in Your Pain—Grieving the Loss of a Child with Denny Allen of Healing Hope Ministries

Denny Allen

Denny Allen

My guest today is Denny Allen. He, along with his wife, Karri, are the founders of Healing Hope Ministries, an organization that helps parents and families find hope after the loss of a child at any age, to any cause of death. They founded this ministry as a result of unexpectedly losing their child in 2012. 

In this episode, Denny shares what it was like to lose their firstborn son at a very early age, as well as some common misconceptions about grief. 

Denny also shares several key points that enabled him and his wife to eventually cope with their devastating loss, allowing them to move forward, and ultimately find true purpose in their pain. 

Throughout the show, Denny references Smile Again Ministries.  You can learn more about what Denny and Karri are up to at Healing Hope Ministries.

Thanks for listening and be sure to check out all of the subsequent episodes available. New episodes will be released bi-weekly, with the next one scheduled for Sunday, March 10th.


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