Intentional Personal Growth and Persevering Beyond Your Circumstances

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Tamien Dysart

Tamien Dysart

This episode features Tamien Dysart—a friend, as well as a husband and father to three beautiful girls.

Tamien and I share a common past in the fact that we both became fathers at a very early age. In this episode, we talk about what it was like for him to experience fatherhood at a young age and what measures he took to persevere beyond these circumstances.

This episode is critical for anyone who may be experiencing fatherhood sooner than planned, or anyone who is struggling to find their way as a dad. We outline the importance of who we surround ourselves with, what we allow to have our attention, and how we choose to expend our energy.

Other key points include:

  • What makes a good parent?

  • The importance of being intentional in your journey of self-discovery

  • The process of maturing and becoming the man your kids deserve

  • A key factor in discovering and developing your purpose as a father

  • Practical tactics for dads looking to sharpen their axe and keep it sharp so we can be the best leaders and fathers we can be

Tamien is a co-founder of Think3D Solutions, which develops and implements strategies and programs to build and sustain high performing cultures in the workplace. You can learn more about Tamien and Think3D at

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