Raising Sons Who Heed the High Call // with Mike Yarbrough

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When it comes to being married and raising kids, I've got a few miles on my tires and can offer up some pretty good advice. However, most of my parenting experience involves girls. Both of my daughters are grown, but my son is only ten years old.

Those of you with sons and daughters know that the differences between the two are vast. On the one hand, I've learned a lot in the ten years raising my son. On the other—and looking ahead a few years—I know raising a teen boy will present its own set of unique challenges. But I don't want to raise just any boy; I want to raise a young man whose worldview includes God, and who understands that God has placed a higher call on his young life. This desire burns strong within me, and it fuels me every day, as it does for my guest.

Mike Yarbrough

Mike Yarbrough

Mike Yarbrough is the founder of Rustic And Main, the Side Hustle Switch, and he is the host of the popular podcast called Wolf & Iron, where he's focused on “heeding the High Call of manful living”.

But Mike is also a husband and father of two teenaged sons and in this episode the two of us riff on what it takes to raise Godly kids, the challenges we both face, and a few things that we're doing to be intentional about our roles as a dad.

Key Points Include:

  • How fathers impact their kids, whether they take an active role in their lives or not

  • The importance of exposing your son to Godly mentorship

  • How we live our lives as men directly impacts how our sons view God

  • Why it’s important not to keep your own relationship with God hidden behind closed doors

  • Ways to establishing a healthy work ethic in your son

  • Why we must help our sons find their passion and what we should do once they’ve found it

  • The importance of the outdoors in a digital age

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