What the Bible Says About Being a Man // with Ken Harrison

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Ken Harrison

Ken Harrison

It's unbelievable to me because it seems like it should be a basic concept, but there is confusion about what it means to be a man these days.

As a society, our culture has somehow lost sight of the core tenets of manhood, and we see many who are trying to redefine masculinity altogether. But words matter and what it means to be a man is entirely positive as long as we look to Christ as our example of what it means to be a man.

Men are called to be servant kings in our spheres of influence. We are charged with making sure all women are treated with respect, and we're accountable to stand up for what is right—protecting the bullied, poor, and oppressed.

My guest today is Ken Harrison. He's a gritty ex-cop from the LAPD turned successful entrepreneur, and now Chairman of the Board for the renowned Christian men's group, Promise Keepers. Ken is also the author of the new book Rise of the Servant Kings—What the Bible Says About Being A Man.

In his book, Ken doesn't pull any punches about describing what it means to be a man and servant king. He speaks directly to the hearts of men with a bold yet clear and direct challenge: we must accept our responsibility as Christ-followers in all areas of life.

My conversation with Ken covers these topics and much more. We also dive into the return of Promise Keepers and what's next for the organization in 2020.

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