Maximize Life with a Legacy Mindset // with Jeremy Brown

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When we think of legacy, most of us think of a gift, usually in the form of money or personal property. While those types of gifts can undoubtedly change lives on earth, they don't always make the kind of Kingdom impact possible with other forms of legacy.

You'll find the ultimate legacy in the spiritual wisdom we pass on to our children, how well we lead our family against the grain of society and toward the Word of God, and the example we set by living in the power of the Spirit. In short, legacy is the story of how well we pursue God—a story that will be reflected upon by our family and hopefully, one that will guide them and subsequent generations closer to Christ. And when we view our lives in this way, it should provide great clarity to how we should live our lives.

Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown

To help me unpack the concept of legacy even further, as well as discuss some practical methods of documenting and sharing our life story for the sake of our loved ones, I invited Jeremy Brown to be a guest on the show.

Jeremy is the founder of Throne Publishing Group, a company that specializes in helping people craft and tell their stories for the sake of family legacy. The Throne team has interviewed thousands of people from all around the world, equipping them to share and publish their stories for maximum impact.

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