Coaching Youth Sports & Impacting Lives // with Andy Traub

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You don't have to have a child in sports, or be a parent-coach, to appreciate today's topic. There are lessons discussed in this episode that apply to all aspects of life and parenthood.


In this show, I chat with Andy Traub. He's a longtime friend, entrepreneur, and a deeply committed family man. He and his wife have three kids who are now old enough to play youth sports, and his oldest son has developed a love for baseball. Andy has not only turned his son's love of the game into an opportunity to coach the team, but they've both learned valuable life lessons along the way.

During his time as a youth baseball coach, Andy has developed a proven method of helping his players identify the many emotions that surface during and after a game and channel these emotions in a positive, constructive way that helps them learn and grow from the sport they all love.

In this episode, Andy shares many of his tactics, and if you're a parent-coach or merely a supportive sideline parent, you'll be able to apply much of this practical advice to your child's next season. And again, even if your kid isn't into sports, there are concepts discussed here that can apply to anyone.

Key concepts covered in the show:

  • How to recognize frustration early and turn it into positive energy

  • Why every dad is more equipped to coach than they realize

  • The implications of living vicariously through your child's performance

  • Why we mustn't let our child's performance influence how it makes us feel

  • Why constructive feedback should be the only feedback we provide

  • The difference between coaching to win and coaching for development, and why coaches must set this expectation with players and parents early

  • Why it's essential for kids to not just play to their potential, but seek enjoyment as well

  • How it's possible to advise by asking the right questions

  • The most important thing to say to your kid after a loss

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The next episode will be released Monday, August 5th and feature Adam Weber, author, podcaster, and lead paster at Embrace Church.

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